Craig D. Guillot is a high-performing writer, business journalist and B2B content producer who specializes in retail, manufacturing, tech, the C-suite, and economic development.

Guillot has produced white papers, ebooks and blog content for such clients as Samsung, ADP, JPMorgan Chase, Franklin Templeton, National Retail Federation, Charter Communications, Time Warner Group, AOL, Phillips and The Hartford.

He is also a regular contributor to ChiefExecutive.net and to a number of trade publications including STORES Magazine (National Retail Federation), Planning Magazine (American Planning Assocation), and Better Investing (National Association of Retail Investors Corporation), Risk & Insurance and JobWeek.

Guillot’s long track record of quality reporting and content dates back to 2000 when he started covering entertainment and travel. In addition to working as an editor for OffBeat Magazine, he produced travel articles for major newspapers, covering such destinations as Nicaragua, China and Malaysia. He has written hundreds of articles for dozens of publications, including Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, CNNMoney.com, and Washington Post. In 2005, he covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for national publications, and in 2011, he reported on the Gulf Oil disaster for the National Wildlife Federation.

He has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and studied Spanish at Universidad Nacional in Costa Rica. Guillot lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, with his wife and two daughters.

What Editors and Clients Have to Say

“Craig is one of our most engaged contributors, always knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subjects he writes about. His pieces consistently demonstrate thorough research and a strong grasp of our client's intended voice and tone. His friendliness and reliability make him a pleasure for both our editors and strategists to work with.”
Danielle Joyce, Associate Editor at Skyword Inc.

“[Craig] immediately became one of my trusted, go-to writers. He instantly picked up our style and approach, and it was clear from his first assignment that he had taken the time to research our previous issues to match our voice. As his workload has increased, he’s shown himself to be a reliable contributor whose stories are well-sourced, relevant, and very sharp, capable of covering a wide range of industries and topics.”
Patrick Dooley, Global Trade Magazine

“Craig is a reliable worker. He works hard to cover multiple angles of every story and delivers engaging and informative stories. He routinely displays a willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done, regardless of obstacles in his path. Craig is an asset to STORES stable of contributing editors.”
Susan Reda, STORES Magazine

“I have hired Craig to write for me on a wide range of topics. His strongest asset, besides his obvious writing skill, is that he completes the assignment quickly and thoroughly with no hand-holding. He has never failed me. He can run with any assignment and excel.”
Lea Sinclair, New Orleans Tourism & Marketing Corporation

“I worked with Craig for an AOL project called TripVine. I found him to be very intelligent, thorough and energetic. He has great journalistic instincts. I’m sorry the TripVine project ended. I highly recommend Craig as a colleague or project manager.”
Kathy Price-Robinson, writer/editor